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About Us

    DeNeng hangers CO.,Ltd is a company which specialize in designing, manufacturing and selling all kinds of high quality
wooden-hangers.The founder of the company who has a keen insight into the pace of the times has been engaged in the wooden-hangers designing and producing since 1999 ,and he put his heart and soul into the costume display design . Our company's philosophy are  "customers' satisfaction is our pursuit  " and "quality and credit standing come first" .Based on the high quality and guided with the flexible market economy, our company always paies attention and overseas markets.
    We have complete and perfect hangers accessories such as various electroplating hardware¡¢hook¡¢wire clamp ¡¢velvet and different kinds of antiskid material which can coorperate with the hangers well. The main products of our company are female and male suit hangers¡¢trousers hangers ¡¢jacket hangers¡¢T-shirt hangers ¡¢coat hangers¡¢sweater hangers¡¢casual clothes hangers¡¢hotel hangers and so on, which have a great variety of models .The materials of our wooden-hangers are lotus¡¢birch¡¢beech¡¢ pine¡¢ceder¡¢natural rubber wooden¡¢ashtree wooden¡¢walnut  black wooden and other hard wooden.All the wood we used is selective ,and the technologists process this wood in different ways according to their various characteristics to make the wood can be stable in wet and dry ¡¢mothproof¡¢anticorrosion¡¢antiseptic.ALL of these are to guarantee the quality of our products and meet customers' demand and need.
   Our company can also help customers export directly(our company has export entitlement),and we can show the relevant certificates,such as commodity inspection¡¢certificate of origin¡¢certificate of fumigation and so on.

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